Denis_NDDenis Shaporev

Prosthetist, PhD

Medical Doctor Degree,

PhD, Thesis: “Optimizing Rehabilitation Treatment of Patients with Transfemoral Amputation”

Member International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics

Denis entered the prosthetic industry after obtaining his medical degree in 1997. Working as a prosthetist, he spent several years adopting the methods of many experienced specialists in prosthetics and physiotherapy from Europe and America. During his development, Denis formed a “medical-views-based approach” to his prosthetic practice, which implies building artificial limbs as individual and physiological as possible rather than following cliches.

Being involved in long term scientific research, Denis took part in designing educational programs for medical students, care workers and amputees.

In Denis` considered opinion a knowledgeable patient can become an active participant of the prosthetic procedure and achieve the best results during the recovery process.

Denis believes that the ArtLimb project opens new vistas of interaction between our team and our patients to improve prosthetics-related quality of life.

To contact Denis please use CONTACT US page, or send message on artlimb@outlook.com, or directly on his Email: denis.artlimb@outlook.com

Ross_NDRoss Powrie


(Hons) Bachelor of Prosthetics and Orthotics,

Member Australian Orthotic and Prosthetic Association

Since graduating from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland in 2009, Ross has worked at both ends of the UK as well as both sides of Australia. During his travels, he worked with a diverse range of experienced clinicians and began to realise that there are many different ways to design and build quality prosthetic limbs.

One of the most important observations he made, was that some of the best results were achieved when the prosthetic user became involved and interested in understanding their prosthetic design. By becoming involved in the limb building process, the prosthetic limbs were better suited to the individual’s needs and the client could provide more accurate feedback on how their prosthesis felt allowing their clinician to tailor any adjustments more effectively.

This philosophy is why he believes that ArtLimb can be an important resource for new and experienced amputees who wish to better understand the limb designing process and what modern technologies are available.

To contact Ross please use CONTACT US page, or send message on artlimb@outlook.com, or directly on his Email: ross.artlimb@outlook.com


Tom_NDThomas Alderman


Masters of Clinical Practice in Prosthetics and Orthotics,

BSc Health science

Member Australian Orthotic and Prosthetic Association

Tom has spent the last three years working in a progressive private practice on the East coast of Australia. Throughout this time of developing his principles and through interactions with a wide variety of different patients, it is apparent that in order to achieve a successful prosthetic outcome a clinician needs to be exposed to the latest developments in prosthetic technologies.

Constantly on the strive to gain more knowledge and expertise in how to make different prosthetic limbs, Tom feels that it is every prosthetists responsibility to be up-to-date with current practices to be able to offer patients a limb that is more a part of their body. Every amputee is unique and there is no one solution that is able to meet such individual needs. Therefore an in-depth familiarity with many different solutions is necessary to provide an amputee with a limb that works for them, rather than limit them.

A medium in which such technologies along with a way to educate amputees helps the overall outcome of living with a prosthetic limb. ArtLimb is such a medium that will lead an amputee to becoming more informed and in turn will result in an amputee reaching a higher potential.

To contact Thomas please use CONTACT US page, or send message on artlimb@outlook.com, or directly on his Email: tom.artlimb@outlook.com


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